From the recording The Cold Mountain Bomber Crash

From my bedroom window growing up in Canton, I could see Cold Mountain, the subject of Charles Frazier's award-winning novel, but it was just another mountain to me back then.  I had heard about the 1946 B-25 Bomber crash, but really became a student of the tragedy after reading Doris Rollins Cannon's book about the crash and after meeting Roy Moody, the local historian who is an expert on the crash.  Doris grew up on Love Joy Road in Bethel, and Roy grew up near Lake Logan.  As a child I remember my older brother pointing out a glimmer on a mountain far away and telling me that it was the wreckage of an airplane.  No remnants of the aircraft remain today on the north side where the crash occurred.  Josh's haunting music and Tony's percussion strokes will resonate with anyone who appreciates the history of the bomber crash.  A propeller blade from the wreckage can be found in the Canton Museum on Park Street.